What’s Next Data And Analytics

What’s Next Data And Analytics

Using Data To Find Out What’s Now and What’s Next …And What You Need To Do About It

Whether you’re sitting on too much data – and don’t know what to do with it – or don’t have the right data to make rock-solid decisions, we can help. 

Our data scientists provide actionable intelligence, presented simply, that executives use to make decisions on what’s next in commerce and payments.

We don’t just crunch data, we deliver actionable, data-driven insights that reflect the realities of a dynamic ecosystem.   

A Fast Track To The Insights

Much of our work is based on highly innovative methods for collecting original data around the world, statistical techniques for analyzing these data, and developing deep insights from those data.

We also have millions of proprietary data points on commerce and payments that we can use to answer your specific questions that may enrich your product strategies, roadmaps and strategic plans.

An Expert Team Of … Experts

Our data scientists include leading econometricians, survey experts, financial analysts and marketing scientists with deep experience in the application of data to the payments, and commerce ecosystems.

This is the same team that uncovered major flaws in the Census Bureau’s retail data and is now helping Census to improve their data so that it is more relevant for today’s modern retail and commerce decision making. 

The Data Artifacts

Some of our work results in publicly shared data artifacts that companies use to position themselves as knowledgeable thought leaders on a topic of strategic importance to them. Other projects are strictly confidential to the company requesting the work. 

To see the breadth, depth, and ingenuity of our work, check out our current portfolio of non-confidential data and research reports.



Launched on Cyber Monday 2015, The PYMNTS.com Checkout Conversion Index™ (CCI) with BlueSnap collaboration, examines 650 sites every quarter – that represent 70 percent of eCommerce volume in the U.S – to measure how successful merchants are in converting visitors to their site into buyers. View Latest Q2 2016 Index


The PYMNTS.com Global Cash Index™, powered by Cardtronics, focuses on the use of cash for making payments and as a payment method that equally plays a role with cards, checks, direct debit, and other methods of settling up between consumers and businesses. Unlike most reported estimates of cash, our proprietary data analysis focuses on the use of cash for making payments rather than hoarding. View Latest Q2 2016 Index


PYMNTS.com Global Citizen Index™, a Flywire collaboration, focuses on the economic impact of Global Citizens, individuals who typically are experienced international travelers, and have the wealth or discretionary income to support the pursuit of personal priorities, including cross-border education, health care and wellness for themselves and their family members, or other experiences outside of their home countries. View Latest Q2 2016 Index


The Global Fraud Attack Index™, a PYMNTS/Forter collaboration, measures how the rate and type of fraud attempts on U.S. merchant websites changes over time. This unique perspective helps online merchants understand and then blunt the impact of the cybercriminals that aim to harm their brand and the consumers who shop them. View Latest Q2 2016 Index


The PYMNTS.com OmniReadi Index™, powered by Vantiv, is the only source of historical data on merchant’s readiness in enabling a seamless shopping experience across all shopping channels. Since 2014, more than 50,000 data points have been collected and examined, highlighting where merchants are focusing their efforts and where gaps remain – overall and by merchant sector. View Latest Q2 2016 Index


Since 2015, The SMB Technology Adoption Index™ is a quarterly report done in collaboration with Sage to understand the degree to which SMBs are adopting the payments and business technologies that help them more efficient pay their customers and suppliers and be paid by consumers and businesses. Based on a quarterly survey of SMBs that range in size from X to Y, we examine how SMBs view EMV, invoicing, checks, mobile payments and the variety of other online tools intended to make their businesses more successful. View Latest Q1 2016 Index


The PYMNTS Store Front Business Index™ is the only source that measures the health and vitality of the businesses that line the side streets and main streets of local economies since 2007. This sub-segment of SMBs consists of 3.2 million businesses and each quarter we assembled data on each and every one of them to assess how well they – and the communities and regions in which they operate – are doing. Hint – overall, they are outperforming the GDP – but there are pockets of weakness. View Latest Q1 2016 Index


Since 2015, The PYMNTS X-Border Optimization Index™, tracks the journey of nearly 200 merchants every quarter who are view the cross border opportunity as their ticket to new incremental customers. Using more than 60 attributes as our guide and shopping across 10 country corridors, we assess the degree to which merchants are “optimized” to welcome a consumer from outside of their domestic market. What we’ve discovered is that most of them are not. View Latest Q1 2016 Index


The PYMNTS.com Developer Tracker™, powered by Vantiv, provides a view into the breadth and depth of eCommerce – and commerce-related – software developers. View Latest Monthly Tracker

Digital Banking

Banking as we know it is undergoing a shift brought about by easy, accessible technology. The PYMNTS Digital Banking Tracker™ will define and track the new entrants, established players, and major developments in the digital banking/financial services space.View Latest Monthly Tracker

Digital Identity

2015 excelled at throwing curveballs at the security industry. Between multiple high-profile data breaches, Jeep hacks and corporate espionage, this year drove home the need for generating, securing and verifying personal identity in the digital world. The PYMNTS Digital Identity Tracker™ has all the highlights. View Latest Monthly Tracker

Faster Payments

As many as 29 billion transactions could potentially move to real-time delivery. This has many stakeholders urgently evaluating the best way to speed up payments within the U.S., with appropriate payment types, tools and security. The PYMNTS Faster Payments Tracker™ powered by NACHA is a timeline and tracks this initiative. View Latest Monthly Tracker

Financial Inclusion

The PYMNTS.com Financial Inclusion Tracker™, powered by Mozido, is designed provide governments, financial institutions, telecoms, retailers, and others interested in understanding the financial inclusion landscape, an organizing framework for evaluating the many players that provide digital financial inclusion services to underbanked and unbanked populations around the world. View Latest Monthly Tracker

Internet of Things

The PYMNTS.com® Internet of Things Tracker, sponsored by Intel®, showcases 21 top companies, including Apple, Google, and Verizon, that are leading the way in all aspects of the Internet of Things. Every month, we’ll take a look at what these companies are doing across the ecosystem and in 6 categories: Devices; Infrastructure; Payments; Security; Software; and Data. View Latest Monthly Tracker


The mPOS Tracker™ is designed to offer an organizing framework for evaluating the many players that have entered the mobile point of sale (mPOS) sector for all mobile devices. View Latest Monthly Tracker

Payments As A Service

The PYMNTS.com Payments as a Service Tracker™, powered by Cayan, is a monthly report designed to give an overview of the trends and activities of merchant platforms that not only enable payment processing of new and old technologies, but that also integrates with other features that make the merchant’s experience easier such as customer engagement, security, omnichannel retail experience, analytics, inventory management, software and hardware management, and more. View Latest Monthly Tracker


The Vantiv Omnicommerce Tracker™ powered by PYMNTS.com features industry-spanning research and insights that arm retailers with data to make smarter decisions for enabling omnichannel commerce. View Latest Monthly Tracker

Unattended Retail

The PYMNTS.com Unattended Retail Tracker™, powered by USA Technologies, serves as a bimonthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, as well as a provider directory to highlight the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the expansive unattended retail ecosystem. View Latest Monthly Tracker

X-Border Payments Optimization

The X-Border Payments Optimization™ monthly tracker is the framework for evaluating players in the cross-border payments landscape. View Latest Monthly Tracker

What’s Next Data Analytics is a subsidiary of What’s Next Media and Data Analytics which is the parent company of PYMNTS.com.

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