PayPal Joins MyCheck to Allow Mobile Users to Pay and Split Bills When Dining

With the restaurant app, consumers will have multiple options to pay right at the table.

The checkout app MyCheck has collaborated with PayPal to allow consumers to pay through the PayPal app.

According to the press release, users can select a restaurant from a list on the app, check-in to the venue, and once there, view ordered items and prices on the mobile device, split the bill (if desired), add a tip, redeem an offer, accrue loyalty card stamps, quickly check out by hitting the pay button without waiting for a check, and receive an email receipt.

“This is a hand-in-glove fit, broadening our reach by collaborating with PayPal to leverage their innovations, but also their large customer base.  With MyCheck built into PayPal’s app, mobile app users will now be able to sidestep waiting for the check in full-service restaurants. Whether MyCheck is a standalone offering or built into another app such as PayPal’s, it provides significant benefits to the user.  PayPal users enjoy the MyCheck experience without ever leaving the PayPal app; merchants benefit from the exposure of PayPal’s broad reach,” Shlomit Kugler, MyCheck Co-Founder and Global CEO said.

Merchants benefit from the pay at table option in many ways, with faster turnarounds, fewer chargebacks, the ability to spend time on customer service that would have otherwise been spent preparing checks, and developing more targeted marketing based on consumption.


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