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What Not To Wear — Amazon Alexa Edition

Getting style tips or picking out clothes using a computing device sounds futuristic, yet familiar. While there isn’t a Cher-style program, like the one in the 1995 classic movie “Clueless,” there’s a possibility that technology is getting there.

This week, Amazon unveiled its new Alexa-powered device that has a built-in camera, which is meant to be an addition to the wardrobe picking-out process.

Dubbed Echo Look, this new offering from Amazon responds to verbal commands by taking photos or videos of the current outfit people are wearing. This provides people a way to truly see what they look like in clothes. They can also take photos of two different outfits and post them to an online Amazon judging panel to select the best look.

While the new Echo Look will indeed help consumers with their outfit choices, there is a catch. The eCommerce website will be collecting data through this offering, using it for targeted ads. This is the latest in Amazon’s effort to capture the fashion industry’s attention and shoppers.

Just last week, we reported on Amazon’s patent win for its on-demand fashion warehouse.

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