Amazon To Launch Sixth Pop-Up Store In Seattle

Amazon Is Opening a Pop-Up Store In Seattle

Amazon has announced that it is opening a pop-up store at its headquarters in Seattle, according to a report by GeekWire.

The store is an expansion of one of Amazon’s new concepts that hasn’t been talked about much in comparison to the company’s other retail initiatives, like Amazon Go.

At the location, a window is covered by the Amazon logo, and it says “Amazon Pop Up Opening Soon.” The store will be next to an Amazon 4-star location, at the bottom of one of the company’s high-rises.

This is the sixth pop-up store Amazon will have built recently, with others in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, as well as Chicago, Denver and Houston.

Amazon said the pop-up is a “physical extension of,” and it will have a revolving inventory based on themes.

In Las Vegas, there’s a camera theme. Other stores have a Food Network theme. Previously, there have been Barbie, Avengers, Fisher Price and Audible themes.

Last year, Amazon closed almost 90 mall stores across the U.S. Once those stores were closed, Amazon expanded the idea to pop-up stores. The new stores are not a revival of the shuttered mall kiosks, Amazon said.

“We’re excited to be opening an Amazon Pop Up location in Seattle, and are currently hiring,” an Amazon spokesperson said, according to GeekWire. “Stay tuned for additional details down the road.”

Amazon has been increasingly active in its brick-and-mortar store initiatives, with 26 Amazon Go locations, 22 Amazon Books stores, 18 Amazon 4-star stores, two AmazonFresh pickup destinations and now six pop-up stores.

The company also has plans to open a new grocery store in Los Angeles, which is going to be different from its Whole Foods stores.

Regardless of Amazon’s commitment to the growth of physical locations, the segment only makes up about 6 percent of the company’s $70 billion in revenue in the company’s most recent reported quarter.