Apple To Give Sign On With Apple More Prominence

Apple plans to make its “Sign on with Apple” button more prominent, asking developers to put it on top of buttons from Google and Facebook.

Reuters, citing design guidelines issued during the week, reported Apple’s move could have impact since users tend to choose the top apps or default options on new devices. Apple will also require apps to also offer its button if they offer options to log in with Facebook and/or Google. Lots of users sign into apps via their Google and Facebook accounts because it’s easier than creating and remembering another user name and password. If the user has dozens of apps, it can get cumbersome. Earlier this week Apple announced the logon button aimed at protecting the privacy of users. It also rolled out a feature that generates random email addresses so the person’s true email is kept hidden.

Reuters noted that in its update about the App Store guidelines, Apple said the login button will be required as an option for users in apps that have a third party sign-in. It will happen later this year, reported Reuters. Apps who don’t use buttons from Google and Facebook to log in don’t have to meet the new requirements.

During this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled a series of privacy initiatives including “Sign on with Apple.” With the privacy-focused updates to iOS, users will now have the ability to allow a third-party app to know their location once, without having to switch on location access in general. Apple will also block third-party apps from inferring location data by scanning bluetooth or wireless network data in range. The change that got the biggest announcement was the forthcoming login with Apple, which will give app developers a chance to insert a login button for sites that will let users authenticate themselves via their Apple ID and Face ID, as opposed to using their social media login credentials.