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Microsoft Will Spend $3.2 Billion on Swedish AI Infrastructure


Microsoft is reportedly investing $3.2 billion to expand its AI and cloud operations in Sweden.

As Reuters reported Monday (June 3), the investment comes as the increasing popularity of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has led to a boom in demand for cloud services. As such, companies like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are spending billions to construct European data centers.

“You will see some other announcements, probably more in the fall,” Microsoft President Brad Smith told Reuters.

According to the report, Microsoft aims to deploy 20,000 of the most advanced graphics processing units, which speed up computer calculations, at its Swedish data centers. Smith said the company will use Nvidia’s faster processors, and could employ semiconductors from AMD and some of its own chips.

Microsoft and Amazon both recently committed to investing a combined 5.2 billion euros (or roughly $5.7 billion) in cloud and AI infrastructure and jobs in France.

This spending comes on the heels of Europe’s AI Act, the world’s first major law governing AI, adopted last month. The new law employs a risk-based approach, treating different AI applications differently based on perceived threats.

Meanwhile, tech companies are also seeing strong earnings thanks to the demand for AI offerings, PYMNTS wrote last week, focusing on quarterly reports from C3.aiHP and nCino

These earnings, that report said, are “a testament to the growing importance of AI in driving business success.”

As companies grasp the potential of AI to revolutionize their operations and products/services, the demand for AI-powered solutions is expected to keep climbing.’s emphasis on enterprise AI applications and its differentiated GenAI offerings set up the company to capitalize on the vast potential of the AI market. Similarly, HP’s focus on AI and new technology is expected to fuel growth in the years ahead as the company introduces innovative AI-powered devices to meet the needs of consumers and businesses.

“Meanwhile, nCino’s record-breaking sales underscore financial institutions’ adoption of cloud banking solutions and AI-driven tools,” PYMNTS wrote.” As banks and lenders seek to enhance their operational capabilities, improve customer experiences and gain a competitive edge, the demand for nCino’s single-platform offerings and advanced AI features will likely continue.