Data Drivers

Data Drivers
Best Of 2018 Data Drivers: Fraudsters, Gig Workers And B2B By The Numbers
December 24, 2018

Data is valuable. But only in context, because data can tell a story, or stories, worthy of examination. Several times throughout the year we offer Data Drivers, where our interviews with payments professionals help the numbers take shape, take on meaning, illustrate trends and even...

Data Drivers
PODCAST: Has Mobile Flattened The Payments World?
November 20, 2018

In what has been — historically speaking — the blink of an eye, mobile phones have gone from zero to nearly ubiquitous in a remarkably short time. Today, more than 5 billion people on planet earth carry a mobile phone of some description. With those phones, customers are completing an ever-increasing series of activities: communicating...

Data Drivers
Jumio On The Laws Of Big (Scary) Data Breach Numbers
August 21, 2018

To take a line from the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin: Every chain has got a weak link. When it comes to the bond between consumer and financial services, no doubt the relationship is a bit, well, frayed in the age of data breaches and...

Data Drivers
Who Has The Balance Of Power In B2B Payments?
August 14, 2018

Nearly two years after its launch, Same Day ACH (SDA) credits are being used by nearly half of businesses and government agencies (that’s not bad for the only ubiquitous faster payments network in the U.S. today), but not necessarily to pay their suppliers. The most...

Data Drivers
Mobile Apps And Gas: The Brand/Aggregator Brand Conundrum
August 09, 2018

America, it has often been said, is a car culture. Perhaps because the first consumer automobiles rolled off Henry Ford’s assembly lines. Perhaps because, in 1956, the federal government under Dwight D. Eisenhower allotted $26 billion to build the interstate highway system. Perhaps Americans just...

Data Drivers
Grabbing Hold Of The Gig Economy’s Long Tail
June 05, 2018

Beyond Uber and Lyft, the gig economy is evolving, with a long tail that places value on plugging gaps in firms' skill sets and boosting gig workers' discretionary spend, too. Hyperwallet SVP Michael Ting tells Karen Webster in the latest Data Drivers that the value...

Data Drivers
Coupa: How CFOs Become Chief Business Drivers
May 22, 2018

CFOs live between two worlds: what did and what could happen. Managing both means mitigating the business risk that keeps them up at night, and keeps their businesses from underperforming. That’s tough, Coupa CFO Todd Ford told PYMNTS, when 66 percent of financial professionals say...

Data Drivers
i2c VP: For Top Performing FIs, Infrastructure Matters, But So Does Mindset
May 15, 2018

Top-performing FIs foster a culture of innovation that helps them lead the way in customer relationships — the sticky kind — as noted in our latest Data Drivers. Technology is part of the equation (and so are sandboxes), i2c’s Lisa Fugate, VP of Product Management,...

Data Drivers
The $300B Employee Financial Stress Tax On Employers
March 27, 2018

Financial stress costs employers $300 billion in lost employee productivity. And in the case of one desperate employee, her job when not having the money to buy her daughters medicine drove her to steal money from the company. That story built a company, FinFit, and...