Report: Average Consumer Carries out at Least 2 Online Transactions a Day

online transactions

The average consumer now carries out at least two transactions online each day, according to new research by PYMNTS.

Of those consumers, 17% purchase retail products online, 17% buy food or groceries online and a little more than a fifth of them transact on their financial institutions’ sites or apps every day.

The most common kinds of eCommerce purchases consumers made every day in May were also the easiest for consumers to make and acquire.

Our research found that 7.7% of consumers purchased goods on digital marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Etsy or for home delivery every day in May and 6.9% bought retail items from stores such as Walmart, Target or Costco to be delivered straight to their homes.

Meanwhile, there were also 6.1% of consumers who made direct-to-consumer eCommerce transactions every day last month

Our study also determined that 8.6% of consumers — about 22 million people — purchased retail items online for curbside or in-store pickup daily.

Picking up eCommerce purchases in stores gives consumers the dual benefit of not having to pay shipping costs and getting the goods they purchased on the day of purchase.

We estimate that roughly 43 million consumers across the country made at least one of these types of retail purchases every day in June.

Our research also found there were also approximately 53 million consumers across the U.S. who made either grocery or restaurant orders online every day during the month.

These consumers were about equally likely to have placed daily restaurant orders as grocery orders, with 6.5% ordering through food aggregators like Grubhub, Uber Eats and DoorDash and 5.8% making daily orders directly from restaurants’ websites.

This compared to 7% who purchased groceries each day online for same-day delivery and 6.6% who bought groceries online for daily curbside pickup.

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