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Keytruda Approved For Pilot Program In China

Merck immunotherapy cancer drug gets fast track as part of push for more international health care patients in China.

Keytruda, a cancer immunotherapy drug made by Merck & Co., became the first imported drug to be approved for use in China. The drug’s quick approval is part of a push to attract more international health care patients to the country, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The pilot program will be used in a cancer hospital in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Hainan. The zone was established in China in 2013 and sets rules on foreign investment, including the decision to fast-track approvals for new drugs and medical devices. It is designed to attract Chinese patients that may travel to Hong Kong or Macau for drugs that have not yet been approved in China.

The drug gained import approval from the China Food and Drug Administration earlier this year, and the hospital also has plans to import more foreign cancer drugs, according to an announcement. It was previously approved in the United States for treating cancers, such as melanoma and certain types of lung cancer.

The decision to fast-track Merck’s drug, according to reports, will give Merck an apparent advantage over competitor Bristol-Myers Squibb. That company is currently seeking approval for rival medication Opdivo from Chinese regulators.

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