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NEW REPORT: mPOS And The Merchant Omnichannel Juggling Act

Modern technology has given retail merchants a multitude of new tools to help run their businesses, but it’s also given them plenty of processes they need to juggle in order to find success. But perhaps some help from mPOS technology can make the juggling act a bit easier?

The June PYMNTS mPOS Tracker™ features news and headlines about companies looking to use mobile technology to make everything from mobile payments to mobile technology integration easier for retail merchants.

Around the mPOS world

With projections that contactless payments could account for more than $1 trillion in mobile transactions by the end of the decade, several companies recently debuted new contactless payments solutions, in efforts to make transactions easier for both customers and merchants.

Visa, for one, is bringing mobile and contactless payments to the beach. The company announced it would be sponsoring and powering mobile payments and card-based payments at the Boardmasters surf and music festival this August at Fistral Beach, a U.K. surf spot. 

And it isn’t just surfers who will be breaking out mobile payments on the British Isles. Guests of the 1,700 U.K.-based restaurants and pubs owned and operated by Mitchells & Butlers will now be able to pay for meals with mobile apps on their smartphones.

Meanwhile, Chinese payment giant Alipay is rolling out its mobile wallet business stateside. The company recently announced that it would bring its mobile payments business to North America, in an effort to capture discretionary spending as tourists from China flock to the region.

Finding tech harmony 

In the modern world, merchants can’t just have the best retail store, mobile app or eCommerce site – they need all three. And according to Jim Barnes, founder and CEO of mPOS for the omnichannel software company Enspire Commerce, making mobile commerce and mobile tech work for merchants can be a tall order.

In a recent interview with PYMNTS, Barnes described how he and his team work to build solutions that allow merchants more control over the different applications they use to power their businesses.

“We have people come to us and say, ‘My problem is that I can’t react in this world of digital transformation, because I have this massive amount of applications that are preventing me from moving quickly or being agile,’” he said. “What they need, and what we built, is a platform, not an application, but a platform that can work with any application to get the information out and put it in one easy mobile platform that merchants can monitor and keep track of.”

To read the story and check out all of the latest mPOS news and trends, along with a ranked provider directory, featuring 275 major global players in the space, check out the June PYMNTS mPOS Tracker™. 

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