Five At Five: Home Depot Wants Speedier Deliveries


Welcome to Five at Five, your late look at the payments and commerce news you might have missed. Today, you can read about the latest retail investment — and it’s a big one — in distribution, along with Walmart’s move into podcasting. Arm is buying a semiconductor company, Bank of America has hit a milestone with AI and Facebook is doing its part for better eCommerce.

Home Depot Invests $1.2B to Speed up Deliveries

The retailer is planning on investing $1.2 billion to facilitate quicker deliveries to homes and job sites. The company plans to bring 170 distribution centers online in an effort to reach 90 percent of the U.S. in a day – or even faster.

Walmart Podcast Taps Into Currency of Time

Time is money, and Walmart wants to save customers both – but it’s also asking for them to invest a little of the same. The big box retailer has ventured into the world of podcasting.

Arm Acquires Stream Technologies As More IoT Devices Get Connected

The semiconductor company is buying Stream Technologies to enable connectivity management of every device, regardless of its location or the network to which it is connected.

Bank Of America’s AI Assistant Surpasses 1M Users

Erica, the bank’s AI voice-activated virtual financial assistant, is available through the financial institution’s mobile banking app.

Facebook Eyes Banning Sellers of Subpar Quality Products

Eyeing the caliber of products pitched to Facebook users through its newsfeed, the social media firm said this week that it will give the boot to companies hawking items that are sub-par in quality or do not arrive on time.



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