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Anthropic Launches iOS App Featuring AI Chatbot Claude

Anthropic launched an iOS app featuring its artificial intelligence chatbot, Claude.

The app makes the chatbot accessible “from anywhere, any time,” the company said in a Wednesday (May 1) press release.

The Claude iOS app syncs with web chats so users can pick up conversations where they left off across different devices, according to the release.

The app also has vision capabilities that enable it to deliver real-time image analysis, contextual understanding and mobile-centric use cases, the release said.

It is available to users across all plans and can be downloaded for free, per the release.

“Early testers report that the Claude app is exceptional for brainstorming ideas on the go, getting quick answers to questions, or analyzing scenes and images from the real world,” Anthropic said in the release. “Our new iOS app puts the power of frontier intelligence in your back pocket.”

Anthropic also announced Tuesday a new Team plan that lets teams create a workspace with increased use for members, use tools for managing users and billing, and use Anthropic’s full Claude 3 model family.

The Team plan also includes all the features of the company’s existing Pro plan, the release said.

The new plan is available for $30 per user per month, with a minimum of five seats, per the release.

“Claude is designed to help individuals — and now teams — harness the power of the industry’s most advanced AI models,” Anthropic said in the release. “Whether you need a partner for deep work, a knowledgeable expert, a creative collaborator or an assistant that’s available instantly, Claude augments every employee’s capabilities and enables businesses to achieve new levels of productivity to drive better results.”

Anthropic released its Claude 3 models March 4. A day later, PYMNTS reported that experts said these new AI models beat competitors in many areas.

On March 27, Amazon said it made an additional $2.75 billion investment in Anthropic, bringing its total investment in the company to $4 billion.

When announcing this additional investment, Amazon said in a press release that the Claude 3 family of models “demonstrate advanced intelligence, near-human levels of responsiveness, improved steerability and accuracy, and new vision capabilities.”

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