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Google Debuts Tool to Help Put AI Products Into Production

Google Cloud has a new offering that it said can help customers’ artificial intelligence prototypes flourish.

Generative AI Ops comes as Google Cloud clients are increasingly moving generative AI workloads from proof-of-concept into production, according to a Thursday (May 23) press release emailed to PYMNTS.

“Moving these workloads into production requires a deep understanding of generative AI systems design, large language model architectures, prompt engineering, evaluation and much more,” the release said.

Generative AI Ops — which can be delivered by either Google Cloud Consulting or Google’s partner ecosystem — can help “organizations mature their gen AI prototypes into production-grade solutions and provide support in important areas like security, model tuning and feedback, and optimization,” per the release.

Among the services Generative AI Ops offers are prompt engineering, design and optimization, the release said, adding that well-optimized prompts are key to ensuring models can provide high-quality outputs and cultivate user trust.

“Using best practices for prompt engineering, and techniques such as ReAct, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and chain of thought, Google Cloud Consulting can help customers build solutions to improve the performance of their GenAI applications and the outputs of models,” the release said.

The announcement comes amid a torrent of new AI offerings from the tech giant. For example, Google said Tuesday (May 21) it was testing the placement of search and shopping ads in its AI-generated search results.

This followed the recent launch of AI Overviews, which deliver AI-generated summaries to search queries.

“Soon, we’ll start testing Search and Shopping ads in AI Overviews for users in the U.S.,” Vidhya Srinivasan, vice president and general manager of ads for Google, wrote in a blog post. “They will have the opportunity to appear within the AI Overview in a section clearly labeled as ‘sponsored’ when they’re relevant to both the query and the information in the AI Overview.”

This week also Google introduced a series of AI offerings for retailers, such as tools to help them generate product images and videos.

“At a time when shoppers are flooded with options, we’re introducing new ways to deepen the connections between shoppers and merchants through rich and compelling content,” Matt Madrigal, vice president and general manager of merchant shopping at Google, wrote in a blog post announcing the new features.

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