B2B Payments

FinTech Firm Kalixa Leaves Consumers for B2B

U.K.-based mobile point-of-sale firm Kalixa will be pivoting its operations away from the traditional consumer services industry, the company revealed in a blog post last week. According to the firm, it will now exclusively focus on business-to-business services.

Its attention to B2B will bring Kalixa’s payment technology and payment services operations under the PXP brand, the company revealed. “We have the expertise, experience and technology to truly disrupt the payments industry and make it a better place for consumers, merchants and other financial institutions to transact,” the post read. “We will succeed in doing this quicker by enabling well-known brands with our innovative and unique solutions, rather than investing our time and energy trying to compete with them.”

The PXP brand offers “plug and play” payment technology for card-processing merchants. The company did not reveal much else through its announcement.

Kalixa acquired PXP Solutions last June. At the time, the takeover included PXP’s 8,000 merchants across 27 nations using PXP’s technology services, ranging from SMEs to large retail chains. The takeover, Kalixa said, would help the firm expand its payment processing volume.

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