Alight Pulls Virtual Assistant Tech Into Payroll

Alight Pulls Virtual Assistant Tech Into Payroll

Payroll technology firm Alight Solutions is rolling out a virtual assistant to help payroll managers automate various tasks.

In a press release late last week, Alight announce the launch of Eloise, its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual assistant for payroll officials that aggregates and analyzes data. The analysis can be deployed to detect anomalies and reference past anomalies to guide payroll managers with future predictions.

These features offer “automated paycheck anomaly detection and correction,” the company explained, allowing Eloise to analyze past payroll data to identify errors, correct them and make recommendations for payroll managers to make their own corrections. The technology also continuously audits payroll data to identify any potential inaccuracies from dropped files, calculation mishaps or human errors.

Eloise can warn payroll managers of an anomaly in data entry and offers a digital checklist for payroll processors to promote accuracy and data insights. Employees can also review their own paycheck details before they are finalized.

“Eloise marks Alight’s latest achievement in technology innovation that transforms the role of HR,” said Alight Chief Solution and Strategy Officer Brannon Lacey in a statement. “We’re leveraging machine learning to automate time-intensive processes and create efficiencies that enable payroll processors to focus on higher-value matters and serve as strategic advisors, deepening the impact that HR can have on the business.”

Eloise is expected to roll out early next year, the company added.

Virtual assistants are a growing technology not only in corporations, but also in corporate finance functions.

Last month, corporate performance management software firm Prophix debuted its virtual assistant, enabling finance managers to obtain insights and analytics to mitigate risk.

Oracle similarly introduced its own virtual assistant for corporate supply chain managers with a focus on logistics task automation and oversight, while VMware, which develops digital workspace solutions, last month announced updates to its Workspace One platform, including the launch of a virtual assistant using IBM Watson technology.