Lightspeed Commerce Launches B2B Platform

Lightspeed Commerce

Commerce platform Lightspeed has launched a B2B platform for North American fashion, outdoor, and sports retailers, the Montreal-based company announced Thursday (June 2).

According to a news release, the platform will bring together brands and retailers with a supplier network tool that integrates B2B orders directly into the point of sale (POS).

The company said the new tool is the result of integrating technology from Lightspeed’s acquisition last year of NuORDER into its retailer platform.

In November, Lightspeed purchased NuOrder, a B2B eCommerce platform, for $425 million, and Ecwid, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce company, for $500 million.

The B2B platform includes several brands, such as Tom Ford, Coach, Theory, Black Diamond and Outdoor Voices. The platform will let retailers order directly from brands in the Lightspeed Commerce platform.

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“We saw an enormous opportunity to transform how retailers work with their brands,” said Lightspeed CEO JP Chauvet.

“With the technology and expertise brought in through the NuORDER acquisition, we’ve been able to create a truly transformational, integrated brand supplier network for the retail industry. We’ve completely re-invented the buying and inventory process for brands and retailers, and Lightspeed B2B is bringing them a robust, high-end brand network,” Chauvet said.

The company said its B2B platform improves the connection between brands and retailers, automating the omnichannel retail experience, and helping retailers avoid spending time on manual workflows. It also gives users added insights by putting a single network at the fingertips of brands and retailers, the company said.

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The launch of Lightspeed’s B2B platform comes just weeks after the unveiling of the company’s Lightspeed Retail platform, which combines advanced POS, payments and eCommerce.

“Leveraging the power of headless commerce, powerful integrations and a completely reimagined interface, Lightspeed Retail is the ultimate commerce platform to help business owners elevate their strategy while managing the complex challenges of the evolving retail landscape,” the company said last month.