Delta Customers May Be Able To Pay Lyft With Miles Soon

Delta Customers May Be Able To Pay Lyft With Miles Soon

Delta Airlines has said that it’s looking into letting customers pay for Lyft rides by using airline miles, the latest move in a partnership between the two companies, according to a report Tuesday (Jan. 7) by CNBC.

The partnership was launched in 2017, and it allowed for customers to get delta SkyMiles for rides. The company has been revamping its app to make it an all-inclusive experience and travel tool that will let people have weather, traffic and wait time information all in one place.

Delta, the most profitable airline in the country, is pushing hard because it said that competition between airlines starts even before a flight takes off.

The airline has also been courting corporate travelers in big markets like New York, Boston and Seattle. The airline’s revenue from premium seats is now growing faster than coach-class sales. Economy sales for Delta in 2018 made up almost 50 percent of revenue, which is down from 63 percent in 2012. 

Delta is also looking into giving people arrival time estimates from Lyft to aid with knowing when to call for a vehicle. Delta is also putting TSA wait time estimates in the app, and even meal selection in some airports.

The app will notify people when it is time to board as well in the future. The company wants to delve deep into traveler-specific messaging to not only help with information, but provide entertainment as well.

“Instead of checking one app for traffic, another for airport parking and a third for TSA wait times, Delta is building the capability to simplify travel by helping you manage everything from ridesharing and in-flight entertainment to bag delivery and hotels,” Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian, said in a release.

Delta is an Atlanta-based carrier, and it unveiled its new initiatives at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday (Jan. 7).