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NielsenIQ and TransUnion Team on Targeted Retail Ads

Targeted ads, retail ads

Data analytics firm NielsenIQ has launched an agreement with TransUnion’s marketing solutions business, TruAudience.

The collaboration, announced Wednesday (Jan. 17), combines NielsenIQ’s first-party data on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) purchases and TransUnion’s Identity Resolution for data connectivity, letting advertisers create campaigns informed by consumer purchases.

“NielsenIQ can empower media and ad tech companies to better serve FMCG brands with the most comprehensive and actionable data insights available,” said Brett Jones, NieselenIQ senior vice president and global head of partnerships and new verticals.

“By teaming up with TransUnion to connect our data with media platforms, we are at the forefront of redefining the future of audience targeting, delivering privacy-focused solutions, and paving the way for more impactful and successful campaigns,” Jones added. 

According to the release, media companies can use TransUnion’s identity to resolve NielsenIQ data to their own view of identity and begin crafting audiences. With the market shifting towards retail media networks, this collaboration lets media and adtech companies deliver higher performance targeting online, the firms said.

“Our strategic partnership with NielsenIQ makes it possible for FMCG marketers and media companies to deliver personalized experiences as if they had the first-party data of Retail Media Networks,” said Julie Clark, senior vice president of media and entertainment at TransUnion. 

“Together, we are shaping a forward-thinking advertising landscape that prioritizes relevancy, effectiveness, and consumer privacy,” Clark said. 

As covered here earlier this week, the retail media space is poised to grow to $100 billion by 2026, with companies like Walmart and Target working on expanding their market share in the realm of in-store advertising.

“This week, at NRF 2024, the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show, Walmart reported that it had a wider reach than the largest TV network and that retailers were increasingly allocating their marketing budgets to in-store uses,” PYMNTS wrote.

And Ryan Mayward, the company’s senior vice president of retail media sales, said that Walmart is exploring new advertising approaches within its stores, including advertising on TV screens located in the electronics section, screens in the deli and bakery sections, and in the self-checkout space.

Expanding on this idea, Jonathan Lustig, the head of revenue at Walgreens Advertising Group, said that “every Walgreens store becomes a distribution center.”