Streaming App Provider Ranking Includes Many Recurring Characters

If you enjoy seeing recurring characters, you’ll like PYMNTS’ latest Provider Ranking of Streaming Apps. The same 11 contenders have earned places in the top 10 this month. 

This episode isn’t a repeat, but it sure looks familiar. There’s been little movement and most of the apps are still lined up in the same order they were last time. There are two exceptions, though, with one app that’s fallen back one position and another that’s dropped two. 

Now, let’s binge watch this month’s top 10. 

The Top 5 

Topping the list as it did last time is YouTube, checking in with a score of 92. 

Just two points behind with a score of 90 is Netflix, which again earns the runner-up spot. 

Two points behind that with a score of 88 is another familiar name, as Disney+ still holds the No. 3 spot. 

The trend continues into the fourth spot in the rankings, where Spotify retains its position with a score of 85. 

Slipping out of that spot, which it previously shared, and down to No. 5 is Amazon Prime Video. The app earns a score of 83. 

The Top 10 

Just one point behind that is Pluto TV, which steps down one level from last time with a score of 82. 

Continuing the chain reaction, Hulu inches down one spot, this time with a score of 77. 

Breaking the tide and still holding the position it held last month is Amazon Music, which earns the eighth spot in the rankings again with a score of 73. 

At No. 9, we have two apps tied with a score of 71. Twitch is here as it was last month but it now shares the spot with CBS — Full Episodes And Live TV, which has dropped six points and two spots in the rankings since last time. 

Finishing up this month’s top 10 is Funimation, which held this spot last month too and now has a score of 67.