Today In Data

Today In Data: Better Ways To Buy, Better Ways To Live

Yesterday’s earth-shaking innovation can so easily slip into becoming today’s discarded idea that the transition can be easy to miss – the A&P grocery chain being a good case in point. But “here today, gone tomorrow” can often be good news for customers, particularly if tomorrow’s replacement involves waiting in fewer lines at the airport or concessions stand, paying fewer business expenses upfront or gaining new and exciting ways to connect to music and art. All powered by better ways to pay, all giving consumers, businesses and workers new ways to do what they’ve always done – but better than they used to do it.


$1 billion: The A&P supermarket’s annual sales in 1929.

200 million: The number of monthly views izo-owned DanceOn network boasts.

45 percent: Share of U.K. businesses that expect employees to pay upfront for company expenses.

70 percent: Share of CLEAR’s customer base that is also TSA pre-screened.

51: The number of families per grocery store in the 1920s.