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Fighting Fraud With Identity Verification In The Sharing Economy

KYB’s Coming Of Digital Age

The verification and authentication processes of many sharing economy platforms are poorly equipped to combat the growing risk of fraud. In technology news, smartwatches and wearables are among the hottest areas of digital commerce and payments. And, in retail, automotive sales are increasingly going digital as more shoppers are buying more used products online. All this, Today in Data.


67.5 percent: Share of consumers asked to provide identification at physical locations who were “very” or “extremely” satisfied with the process.

45 million: Number of global smartwatch shipments in the year 2018.

24.3 percent: Share of consumers who are asked to submit their identification online when signing up for new ridesharing platforms.

19.5 percent: Portion of sharing economy platform users asked to provide identification at physical locations.

$14 million: Amount India-based online car marketplace Truebil raised in a Series B round.