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Platform Economy’s Strong Growth, Based On Trust

The platform economy is global in scope, spanning countries, borders, languages and currencies. Digital meeting places, you might call them – bringing buyers and sellers together across any number of verticals, from eCommerce tied to retail to gig economy matchups that get projects done. It’s big business – and about to get bigger, as the stats show, per our latest findings in the Payments and the Platform Economy. Underpinning it all? The glue boils down to one word: trust.


$335 billion: Estimated size of the global sharing economy by 2025.

$28.6 billion: Projected size of the global electric scooter market by 2025.

$1 million: Guaranteed insurance policy value for each booking on the car sharing platform Getaround.

41.7 percent: CAGR of the global integrated SaaS market between 2018 to 2025.

$490 billion: Projected value of the global telecom API market by the end of 2024.


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