Today In Data: The Smart Shopping Cart Of The Future

Today in Data: Smart Shopping Cart of the Future

Retail startup Caper is reinventing the grocery store experience with a shopping cart that automatically checks out the items shoppers place inside them. And grocers are vying to attract shoppers, as a sizable portion of spending from U.S. households is dedicated to food or similar products. At the same time, consumers are gravitating toward credit unions (CUs), and new regulations might have an impact on the payments space, among other industries, in the coming years. All this, Today in Data.



$20,000: The amount of spending from the average U.S. household that corresponds with food or similar products.

152 years: The approximate number of years that the shopping cart has been part of the grocery store checkout experience.

70 percent: The share of businesses that have failed to address personal data requests following General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

65 percent: The share of CU members who choose to bank with their respective CUs because they trust them.

 29 percent: The share of CUs that said they had focused on loyalty and rewards programs in the past three years.