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Amazon Unveils 5 Generative AI-Powered Tools

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled five tools powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Four of the tools are designed to help organizations deliver better customer experiences at a lower cost, while the fifth helps supply chain professionals carry out their tasks, AWS said in two Tuesday (Nov. 28) press releases.

To help companies deliver better customer experiences, AWS has added four generative AI capabilities to its cloud contact center called Amazon Connect, according to one press release.

Amazon Q in Connect provides customer service agents with real-time responses and recommended actions; Amazon Connect Contact Lens gives managers summaries of customer conversations; Amazon Lex in Amazon Connect helps contact center administrators build chatbots and interactive voice response (IVRs); and Amazon Connect Customer Profiles assist in providing personalized customer experiences by aggregating customer data from popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, according to the press release.

“With just a few clicks, contact center leaders can leverage new capabilities powered by generative AI in Amazon Connect to enhance the more than 15 million customer interactions handled on Amazon Connect every day,” Pasquale DeMaio, vice president, Amazon Connect, AWS Applications, said in the release.

To help supply chain professionals carry out their tasks, AWS has added Amazon Q in AWS Supply Chain, a generative AI assistant that can summarize key risks and visualize “what if” scenarios to optimize supply chain decisions, the company said in another press release.

Together with this generative AI assistant, AWS has added new AWS Supply Chain capabilities that help forecast and plan purchases, publish forecasts and confirm orders, and request and collect compliance data from suppliers, according to the release.

“And thanks to the power of generative AI, customers can ask Amazon Q in AWS Supply Chain what is happening across their supply chains and receive intelligent, conversational answers to complex questions,” Diego Pantoja-Navajas, vice president of AWS Supply Chain, said in the release.

The unveiling of these new generative AI-powered tools comes about five months after AWS launched a program to help customers accelerate their implementation of the technology. In this $100 million program announced in June, the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center will connect the company’s AI and machine learning (ML) experts with customers and partners around the globe.