PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Apple's Alarm Bells

While everyone knows that the Apple figures that came out last week were something of a miss, a closer, deeper look confirms that the whiff was likely much bigger than Apple is taking credit for. The misses on the iPhone and worries on Apple's Chinese future made lots of headlines, but Karen Webster dug into their 10-Q — and the figures were less than wholly convincing ...

"Apple didn’t just have its first revenue decline in 13 years. It had a massive blowout. A holey-moly-yikes-what-in-the-world-just-happened decline."

Here's a peek at the data:

14 out of 15 : The number of iPhone 6/6S consumers who, according to PYMNTS' research, don’t use Apple Pay in a store when standing in front of a terminal that can accept it.

54%: The amount of Apple's $1 billion revenue increase in Apple Services owable to a legal settlement with Samsung.

25.8%: Apple's total revenue decline in China during Q2, totaling $4.3 billion.

17.4%: The total average decline in Apple's three flagship products: iPhone, iPad and Mac.

.6%: The estimated amount of U.S. total card volume flowing through Apple Pay, according to PYMNTS' research.

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