Apple eCommerce Store Redesign Mimics App Setup

Apple store

The Apple Store has been redesigned and the company restored the dedicated Store tab in its navigation bar. The new Store web page, which includes a carousel of product categories and quick links for shopping with specialists or locating nearby Apple stores, mirrors the iPad and iPhone version of the Apple Store app.

Apple is highlighting its back-to-school deal that includes free AirPods with the purchase of a Mac or iPad for college. There’s also a help section for setting up new devices and a quick link to set up a Genius appointment for device repair.

Apple has redesigned its product category pages using a card-based look on some product lines, including Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple is also calling out the so-called “Apple difference,” an initiative that focuses on customizing products before you buy them, gift wrapping and personal online sessions to learn more about the device.

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Apple is planning to test a hybrid in-store and work-from-home arrangement for its retail employees later this year, an acknowledgement that even as consumers return to shopping in person, digital demand will likely remain high.

The pilot program, called “Retail Flex” and first reported by Bloomberg, will begin with a small number of store employees who will work some weeks at their retail store and other weeks remotely. From home, workers will be tasked with handling online sales, customer service and technical support.

All Apple stores were reopened as of June 14. The technology giant has retail locations in 44 states, plus one store in Washington, D.C.

Apple is reportedly asking employees in the pilot program to participate for at least six months, ramping up the arrangements from September to December, typically a busy time for the company as it releases a slate of new products.

The company will reimburse those participating in the Retail Flex program for some internet expenses and $100 toward office equipment, and employees will make the same salary no matter their location.