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Wings Financial: Giving Airline Employees Their Mobile Payments Wings

In the financial services world, staying connected is more important than ever for FIs and customers alike. Credit unions want members to have a frictionless experience, regardless of what channel they use when they conduct their business, from call centers to mobile apps.

Recently, several players in the credit union market have worked to improve and increase the way their members can connect with their preferred credit unions through partnerships and tech innovations. The new Credit Union Tracker™ explores the latest developments shaking up the way credit unions engage with their members.

Around the Credit Union World

Call centers are crucial communication channels for credit unions of all sizes, often serving as a first line of contact. The efficiencies of call centers are critical to the success of credit unions – and now, one CU is dialing up its efforts to improve its member call center experiences.

Partner Colorado Credit Union recently turned to contact center solutions provider Enghouse Interactive in an effort to upgrade its contact center experience. Under the agreement, Partner Colorado will use solutions from Enghouse Interactive to measure the complexity of a call to improve how the members’ needs are addressed. The solutions will also offer cost analytics and performance metrics designed to gauge opportunities to improve member services.

Elsewhere in the space, a new partnership is focused on helping members pursue their real estate goals.

Affinity Federal Credit Union of Basking Ridge, New Jersey recently announced it would offer its members the HomeAdvantage solution from CU Realty Services. HomeAdvantage works to provide credit union members with online tools to help them connect with qualified real estate agents.

While Affinity FCU is working to connect its members with real estate agents, an upcoming conference will offer credit union professionals a chance to connect with thought leaders in the industry. In May, the THINK 18 conference, sponsored by CO-OP Financial Services, will kick off in Chandler, Arizona. The conference will feature a host of notable speakers, including Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and financial editor of NBC’s “The Today Show,” Jean Chatzky. This year’s conference will also feature Power Sprints, a series of meetings focused on the latest digital transformations in the credit union market.

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Helping Highly Mobile CU Members Stay Financially Connected

Staying connected can be challenging for some members. For professionals in the airline industry who frequently travel the world and land in other countries, for example, it can take on a whole new level of difficulty.

These challenges are something that Wings Financial Credit Union has worked to address since its founding in 1938. While it was originally conceived as a resource for employees of Northwest Airlines, over time, Wings Financial has expanded to become one of the most active CUs in the U.S.

The experience of catering to airline industry professionals has helped to inform the CU’s tech innovation strategy, especially when it comes to mobile-based financial services, explained vice president of payments Mike Sahr and vice president of business development Grant Walker. For the April/May feature story, Sahr and Walker joined PYMNTS to discuss lessons learned from focusing on members of a single industry and how the CU’s origins of catering to airline professionals helped shape its present-day strategy.

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