Google Debuts Personalized ‘Discover’ Feed


Google is rolling out an overhauled Discover feed on for Android and iOS devices.

According to a report in Engadget, users should see a stream of cards under the search box that will focus on things you are interested in, whether it’s political issues, hobbies or a beloved sports team. Users will find sports scores and other content aimed at getting you to click.  Engadget said it’s not clear when it will be launched on a wider basis — but based on its past strategy, it’s likely more a question of when you see Discover than if it will show up.

The overhauled Discover comes at the same time that Google is expanding its image search tools. Earlier this month it announced it is making Google Images more useful by bringing Lens, its image-recognition mobile app, to Google Images. In a blog post, Assaf Broitman, product manager of Google Images, said that starting Thursday (Oct. 25) when a user sees something in an image and wants to know more, they can use Lens to get more information about the image. Similar to how Lens works with Google Assistant and Google Photos, Lens in Google Images identifies things within the image and will also show the user a similar one. The executive said that once they press the Lens button in Google Images, users will see dots appear on objects that they can then learn more about.

“We launched Lens to help you do more with what you see. People already love using it in their camera and on their photos — to find items in an outfit they like, learn more about landmarks, and identify that cute dog in the park. Lens is a natural fit for Google Images,” wrote Broitman. “Lens in Google Images can also make it easier to find and buy things you like online.

He continued, “For example, you might come to Google Images looking for ideas to redecorate your living room. During your search, you come across a couch you like in an image, but you may not know what style it is or where to buy it. All you need to do is press the Lens button, then either tap on a dot on the couch, or draw around it, and Google Images will show you related information and images. From there, you can learn more about it, or find places where you might be able to buy a similar couch.”


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