NCR Streamlines Bank Reconciliation Risk

ATM skimming

NCR Corp. has launched a new reconciliation software designed to help financial institutions decrease their overall risk when it comes to reconciling cash transactions and replenishments across their ATM devices.

NCR Reconciliation is automated software that provides the daily balancing activities of the ATM cash network, which NRC says can help both banks and credit unions increase overall performance and reduce risk. It does so by software automation that includes cross-check of data services — with built-in safeguards for the banks designed to provide a better customer experience.

“Reducing risk and cost, while enhancing the consumer experience, are key objectives for any financial institution in today’s self-service environment,” said Eric Malone, general manager of systems management software for NCR Financial Services. “NCR Reconciliation will help support those goals by systematically performing ATM cash reconciliation, making it easy to identify discrepancies and eliminating manual, time-consuming reconciliation activities.”

NCR Reconciliation is fully integrated with NCR’s Channel Management suite and is deployed as part of the same Web-based user interface. This software enables the user to access data that’s been consolidated via a central user interface to review transactions.

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