ParkMobile Deploys Cashless Parking Solution for Mobile Callers in U.S.

VoltDelta OnDemand Solutions is providing the voice recognition and telephony resources for ParkMobile’s ‘cashless’ parking solution in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The first of its kind deployed in North America, this service works to uniquely generate revenue while reducing costs for Michigan’s second largest city by allowing visitors to use their cell phone and credit card instead of pocket change to pay for parking meter use.

Callers initially register for “pay by phone” by calling ParkMobile’s toll free number and speak their license plate number and credit card information. Once registered, callers simply dial-in to indicate the zone they are parking in. The system immediately identifies the caller from their cell phone number making each transaction simple and easy. Motorists can also opt to receive text message alerts prior to the expiration time. The service covers all parking modes such as digital permits, cashless on and off- street parking, electronic enforcement and also offers seamless integration with congestion charging.

VoltDelta, which currently handles more than 2.4 billion calls and 2 billion SMS messages per year, provides the voice recognition and telephony resources to enable the ParkMobile cashless application and has the ability to manage peak call volumes with confidence. Its OnDemand model means that there are no capital expenditures required of any city deploying a ParkMobile solution.

“VoltDelta assists ParkMobile in delivering outstanding customer care for mobile callers in part by overcoming one of the most challenging issues in voice recognition; successfully recognizing the unconstrained string of letters and digits found on license plates.” said Albert Bogaard, CEO of ParkMobile North America, Inc. “We are pleased to be able to take advantage of VoltDelta’s innovative technology and voice user interface experience as we expand our services in North America and throughout the world.”

Impacting lifestyles by eliminating the “run to feed the meter” inconvenience is only one of the value propositions offered by ParkMobile. Cities and municipalities also benefit as they continue to struggle with costs associated with meter collections while also endeavoring to maximize parking revenues. ParkMobile addresses both issues by automating revenue collection while making it more convenient to fill the meter on time.

“ParkMobile is an excellent example of how innovative voice self-service delivered in an OnDemand model can positively impact an everyday task such as parking while at the same time benefitting local government”, said Terry Saeger, SVP and GM of VoltDelta OnDemand. “VoltDelta is looking forward to continuing to work with ParkMobile by providing the telephony scale and reliability for a growing population of callers along with remarkable voice recognition resources to enhance the ParkMobile experience.”

To use the ParkMobile service by phone, motorists can register by calling a toll-free 1-800 number. Grand Rapids is the first of several U.S. cities where it will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Others will be announced shortly. Service for parts of Canada is also planned.

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