Handicapping PayPal and Google in the Mobile Transaction Platform Race

By now, we’re sure most know the basics of what PayPal and Google are doing. I’m focused on the bigger question of how the transition to mobile payments in the US will be won and who is best positioned to pull it off.

Handicapping PayPal in its Mobile Race with Google and Others
Part 1 in this series focuses on the strength of PayPal’s case as far as consumer and merchant appeal, technology and other determining factors

Handicapping Google in its Mobile Race with PayPal and Others
Google is a serious, well-funded player in the mobile payments space. They have assembled a bunch of powerful channel partners who bring consumers and accepted payment types – that is a big advantage over PayPal.

Handicapping PayPal and Google in the Mobile Transaction Platform Race
Over last two days, I handicapped PayPal and Google in their race with reach other and potential players to grab a big share of the emerging mobile transaction platform ecosystem. Today, I’m going to share some final thoughts.


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