NFC Solutions Summit 2012

NFC Solutions Summit 2012

Smart Secure Mobile Payments and Non-Financial NFC Apps
May 22-24, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, California
A Joint Presentation by Smart Card Alliance and NFC Forum

 The Smart Card Alliance and the NFC Forum are pleased to present NFC Solutions Summit␣ the first comprehensive American showcase for the burgeoning technology of Near Field Communications. The NFC Solutions Summit will cover the state of this promising technology, developments in new NFC devices and add-ons, the status of the growing NFC ecosystem, the promise of NFC-enabled payments and other popular applications, NFC implementation, and American and international market forecasts. In 2012 NFC technology will be widely available in new smart phone handsets. enabling quick transactions, ticketing, digital content exchange, secure identification, social networking and communication between electronic devices. The authoritative expertise of the NFC Forum and Smart Card Alliance will create the interest and momentum necessary bring together a broad base of industry players. The conference will features leaders from every relevant sector for an interactive, instructive forum on the business issues, implementation milestones, and technology advancements happening in NFC markets. NFC Solutions Summit will take place at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, a high-quality, self-contained conference venue with easy access for both domestic and international participants, only 20 minutes from the many attractions of San Francisco, and 30 minutes from the high-tech industry leaders of Silicon Valley.



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