Could Facebook Be The Next eBay Or Craigslist?

Facebook may be looking to get into group-based selling on the social network site, reported.

The concept, which has the potential to pit Facebook against eBay and Craigslist’s marketplace, would allow selected users to sell items on the site through a simple button that would be next to the “write post” option. According to the article, New Zealand-based developer Indy Griffiths posted on Twitter that he was given an option to sell in Facebook’s test group.

Here’s a little bit of information explaining how it could work:

“[Once an item is uploaded], users are required to fill in a form, providing a price, description, pictures and delivery options. Then the site pretties up the listing and makes it available for all others to see, like, comment and even purchase,” reported. The article also said Facebook posted and later took down a support page saying it’s not responsible for the transactions.

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