Infosys Turns Wheels To Boost Revenue

One of India’s largest information technology and business consulting companies, Infosys, is adopting a two-part approach to boost its revenue stream: acquiring newer technologies and using automation platforms to get top dollar from its clients.

The Bengaluru-based company, which posted a revenue growth of 4.2 percent, recently acquired Panaya, an automation technology provider, and Skava, a mobile commerce solutions provider to reenergize its existing portfolios.

To improve upon its automation goals, the company has been focusing on the commoditized application development and maintenance (ADM) and infrastructure and management services (IMS).

“On the [ADM] side, when you talk about large deals, there is a tremendous amount of commoditization that is happening and there is a big pressure on costs. So there is a lot of focus internally on automation, using tools and technologies so that we can be very aggressive in terms of pricing,” COO Pravin Rao said at the Morgan Stanley India summit in Mumbai, News Post reported. “The more we use technology to become productive, we can be much more aggressive and competitive, at the same time without too much compromising on the margin needs.”

While the company is turning wheels to generate new revenue streams through resource allocation in digital, cloud, big data and analytics, over 34 percent of the company’s revenue still comes in through ADM and IMS, according to Business Standard.

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