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Target’s Omnichannel Silver Bullet

One tenet of successful omnichannel strategies is to never let a potential consumer be lost to a gap in the path to purchase. A new partnership between a retailer and an app might all but guarantee that.

ClickZ reported that Target and name-that-tune app Shazam have begun an ad campaign featuring a seamless integration of push-and-pull marketing. As the retailer’s television ads play in high-visibility timeslots, customers can use Shazam to go directly to Target’s website or app and view products featured in the commercials they just saw. Joshua Thomas, spokesman for Target, told ClickZ that the new partnership with Shazam is all about reducing friction in the path to purchase.

“We learned very quickly on social media that our guests want easy access to shop the products that they see while they’re still top-of-mind,” Thomas said. “Shazam removes some hurdles that may have existed in the past.”

While the physical act of pulling out a smartphone and opening up an app still presents problems for retailers, Shazam also offers functionality on most wearable devices on the market. Both companies have been quick to embrace new and innovative platforms to reach customers wherever they’re ready to engage with their products. Digiday reported on Target’s spread in Vogue‘s September 2015 issue, which allowed users to hold their phones with Shazam over the magazine’s photos to see behind-the-scenes content, information from designers and, of course, a shoppable catalog.

“Brands must have clearer, more distinct points of view that can extend beyond the page in ways that both build on the story and close the deal,” Jessica Navas, executive vice president at marketing firm Erwin Penland, told Digiday. “Target figured out the balance of inspiration and utility for each touchpoint. It’s a great win for them.”

Now it’s up to customers to see if Shazam and Target hit the mark again.

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