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New iPhone 6s Mini Details Emerge

In the world of phablets, there’s been one complaint that many have had about the latest smartphone launches: the screen size.

Ironically, over the past couple years, the trend has been bigger screens. But that trend may change with Apple’s next iPhone launch. So, for those who’ve held off buying the iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus, there’s an option soon to be in the works.

At least, that’s what the latest leaked video and photos would suggest. The most recent leak is that Apple is building a 4-inch iPhone, which would be the same thickness as the 6s but would go back to the classic size that came with the iPhone 5/5s.

While there’s no official name on the books, reports have made reference to it as the iPhone 6s Mini because of its resembling features. But that’s just speculation.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that there’s been chatter about a smaller iPhone. But what Apple has probably realized is that to appease the masses in the fast-growing smartphone market, that means having a multitude of options. Hence, the various sizes of iPads. And iPhones. And MacBooks, etc.

And with the iPhone being Apple’s bread-and-butter product (accounting for roughly 63 percent of Apple’s revenue), it makes sense why Apple needs to keep re-imagining its vision — particularly as more reports have surfaced about dwindling iPhone shipments from suppliers abroad.

But there’s just one question left: When will Apple actually announce its next iPhone plans? Perhaps we’ll learn a bit more when Apple reports its earnings tomorrow (Jan. 26). But knowing Apple, we won’t know until the fall, when Apple typically rolls out new product releases.


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