Hyperwallet Eases Worker Payout For Direct Sellers


The procurement of part-time, independent workers can be a struggle for even the largest corporations. Part of that challenge is onboarding these workers to payroll, and by the very nature of these types of employees, it can take a significant amount of time for a corporation to have to onboard an independent employee every time one is hired.

Payments firm Hyperwallet has launched a new solution for businesses that often face this pain point, specifically in the direct selling industry. A new program provides existing Hyperwallet direct selling customers with a way to reward their independent workers when they agree to be paid through a Hyperwallet prepaid card.

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According to the company’s CEO, Brent Warrington, such an approach to independent worker compensation has proven to benefit companies’ bottom lines.

“Our use cases have shown that card programs have a tangible impact on the revenues of our direct selling clients,” he said. “Not only do cards encourage more sales actions, they also alleviate much of the administrative and financial burden that comes with alternative methods of commission distribution.”

Hyperwallet added that, over the course of the year, it will add new rewards opportunities for these employees. The program is part of its broader efforts to boost loyalty and reward programs within its payout platform.

Last month, Hyperwallet introduced a separate solution to make it easier for corporations to pay their independent workers. The firm revealed a new suite of APIs for this segment, allowing companies to facilitate payouts from directly within their existing applications and websites.