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Zebra Soars With Mobile Enterprise Device Store

The Bring Your Own Device movement may be leading smartphone and tablet makers to adapt to employees using their devices for both personal and business use, but for some workplaces, the personal smartphone is not strong enough. That’s why Zebra Technologies is focusing its enterprise mobile device business on providing tools built just for harsh work environments, including devices that can withstand long drops or immersion in water.

That business model appears to be working. The company recently revealed major earnings from its latest financial report. Last fall, Zebra acquired Motorola Solutions’ device unit, which, reports said, is three times the size of Zebra.

On Thursday (May 14), Zebra announced the launch of its new mobile store to sell these long-lasting devices, a venture that includes a new array of Android-specific products, which are 4G LTE-ready. The firm also rolled out several new mobile apps to accommodate factory-floor operation.

Its new TC75 Enterprise Mobile Computer is among the new offerings. The device includes a screen that is designed specifically for glove-covered fingers. Zebra’s Corning Gorilla Glass screen, which is featured on the new computer, can reportedly survive a drop from heights of up to 8 feet and the computer itself can survive over an hour underwater. Its batter life, meanwhile, can last up to four times that of a standard smartphone.

Some of its new apps built specifically for the Android operating system include a scanner that can process entire pages at a time. “We believe Android is the right solution for most of our customers,” Zebra Enterprise director of product marketing for mobile computers Mike Petersen said, adding that developments for Windows are coming, but not for iOS.

The new tools are available on the Zebra AppGallery, reports said. At present, it only offers about 100 apps, but Zebra said it is looking to strike new corporate partnerships to add services like barcode scanning or mobile inventory.

Zebra also offers an array of other devices, including printers, computers and scanners. While its enterprise customers only account for about 2 percent of the entire smartphone market, Zebra has secured a 50 percent spike in its stock prices since its Motorola acquisition.



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