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Transpoco Eyes Fleet Cards For Telematics Tool


The subject of telematics has slowly gained traction among the fleet community, and in the last few years, fleet card and payments companies have gotten on board. The technology that tracks minute details about fleet vehicles — fuel tank levels, maintenance requirements, locations and the like — is now seen as a way to identify where expenses can be reduced.

One telematics company has just launched a new solution to help fleet managers lower their costs through the technology.

U.K.-based Transpoco announced Wednesday (Jan. 6) the rollout of SynX, a cloud-based computing tool to link fleet managers’ existing Transpoco GPS services with their fleet cards, bridging fleet data to their finances.

The solution was developed after research commissioned by Transpoco found at least a 20 percent difference in fuel consumption and a 35 percent difference in maintenance expenses between the best-in-class fleet drivers and worst.

According to the company, SynX is a way to provide fleet managers with the benefits of telematics data without the burden of manual analytics.

“Fleet managers are not fully exploiting GPS tracking technology, because they are too busy,” said Transpoco CEO Andrew Fleury in a statement. “While they use basic features of GPS, they never fully get to the stage of accessing real business intelligence. They don’t have time to analyze data from different suppliers, such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, etc.”

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Fleury added that SynX automates data aggregation and analytics from telematics and fleet card activity and assesses how a fleet manager needs to react.

According to Transpoco, the solution will be targeted to fleet managers, as well as fuel card issuers that are interested in integrating the solution into their offering. Fuel card firm Direct Fuels is reportedly one of the first to adopt the SynX solution.

“The capability to offer a fuel saving system that can help to cut their maintenance, fuel and insurance costs changes our relationship with the customer,” said Direct Fuels Managing Director Kieran Dunne in a statement.



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