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Zilliant to Integrate AI Across Pricing Lifecycle Management Solutions

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Zilliant said Wednesday (May 22) that it will integrate artificial intelligence (AI) across its pricing lifecycle management solutions.

These integrations will help companies react more quickly to cost and pricing changes, ensure that pricing changes are delivered in the field, and get a single view of the execution of its pricing strategy, the company said in a Wednesday press release.

“Zilliant can already help them manage this full pricing lifecycle but will soon be able to do it even better with strategically embedded AI to improve productivity, enhance user experiences and increase speed to insights,” Kylie Fuentes, chief product and marketing officer at Zilliant, said in the release.

One of these offerings will be a new product called GenAI Pricing Analytics that will allow companies to get rapid insights into the full impact of pricing details for their products and their customers, according to the release. This product will be available later in 2024.

In addition, Zilliant has added AI-driven pricing guidance to its configure-quote-price solution called Zilliant CPQ, the release said. With this tool, during the quoting process, sales representatives can see visual indicators next to the price for every line item in the quote, showing whether it meets margin or other business requirements.

Zilliant will also add a self-service AI assistant to Zilliant CPQ, per the release. The AI assistant will respond to prompts with intelligent product recommendations, answer questions and help complete the purchase. It will be launched later in 2024.

These solutions are designed to help companies replace current processes that often involve disconnected spreadsheets and siloed operations, according to the release.

“Companies choose Zilliant to help manage the entire pricing lifecycle and connect multiple lines of business under a unified end-to-end process,” the company said in the release. “Companies can infuse AI throughout the lifecycle to augment and/or automate critical pricing processes.”

When launching a price optimization application in 2022, Zilliant said in a press release that inflation has become a new business reality.

“As a result, B2B companies need a faster, more powerful approach to pricing that maintains market alignment while generating prices that are easily explainable and defensible,” the company said.

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