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8 in 10 Consumers are Highly Satisfied With Online Marketplace Shopping

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The convenience of shopping from the comfort of one’s home has led to the growing popularity of online marketplaces among consumers.

As detailed in “The Online Features Driving Consumers to Shop With Brands, Retailers or Marketplaces,” a PYMNTS Intelligence and Adobe collaboration, a significant share of consumers — approximately 80% — express high levels of satisfaction when shopping from an online marketplace, higher than those who shop from retailer sites (76%) or brand websites (72%). 

According to the report, which drew insights from a survey of over 3,500 U.S. consumers to explore their actions, choices and behaviors when shopping online, this higher satisfaction rate among online marketplace shoppers may be attributed to their utilization of more online capabilities, on average, compared to shoppers on brand or retailer sites.

Specifically, consumers perceive online marketplaces as offering better online features compared to brand websites and retailer sites, including fast delivery, free shipping and a broad product variety. 

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The survey data also revealed that consumer satisfaction varies across different product categories. Home furnishings, appliances and groceries consistently receive high satisfaction rates regardless of where they are purchased. However, clothing and accessories show a significant gap in consumer satisfaction, with online marketplace shoppers reporting higher satisfaction levels compared to brand website shoppers. 

Interestingly, younger consumers, particularly Generation Z, show a strong preference for purchasing directly from brand websites rather than retailer sites. Trust emerges as a crucial factor driving this behavior, with Generation Z consumers valuing the trustworthiness and customer service provided by brand websites. This preference for brand websites highlights the importance of building trust for brands looking to attract younger consumers.

Consumers also consider features related to savings, selection and hassle-free experiences as influential in their store selection. Brands that can effectively address these areas of weakness and provide a seamless online shopping experience are more likely to foster ongoing customer loyalty and engagement.

In conclusion, the report’s findings demonstrate that online marketplaces play a vital role in satisfying consumer needs and preferences. With approximately 80% of consumers expressing high levels of satisfaction when shopping from online marketplaces, it is evident that these platforms have successfully implemented features that resonate with consumers. 

For brands looking to enhance customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty in the highly competitive online marketplace landscape, the key lies in drawing inspiration from the success stories of these platforms and incorporating similar consumer-centric features to meet evolving customer expectations and preferences.