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New Report: Who’s Using Same-Day ACH And Why?

Fourteen months since the Phase 1 roll out, 43 percent of financial institutions (FIs) now allow businesses to originate same-day ACH credit.

However, 25 percent of FIs still do not offer SDA origination to business customers, given the lack of support from core processors and software providers, who have yet to make these features available.

To gauge the factors driving the adoption of faster payments, PYMNTS, in collaboration with NACHA, created the new Same Day ACH Report, which analyzes the survey responses of 125 FIs – with assets ranging from less than $500 million to more than $100 billion – about their current and planned SDA credit origination products and debit offerings for businesses and consumers.

In the case of business customers, 43 percent of FIs currently offer SDA credits. However, FIs are anticipating large growth. In fact, 75 percent of FIs will offer SDA credit origination to their business customers by end of 2018..

Fifty-five percent of these FIs see emergency payroll as a very or extremely important SDA credit use case, and 41 percent see loan payments as the top SDA debit use case.

Meanwhile, fewer than six percent of FIs currently offer SDA credit applications to consumers, either due to a lack of demand or simply because they haven’t yet implemented SDA solutions.

On the bright side, the percentage of FIs allowing consumers to push SDA credit payments – for both bill pay and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications – is expected to grow to 25 percent by the end of 2018.

Other key takeaways from the November edition of the PYMNTS Same Day ACH Use and Demand Study, a NACHA collaboration, include:

  • Over 66 percent of FIs are making same-day ACH funds available.
  • Zero FIs have reported an increase in fraud due to SDA products.
  • For FIs, debit use cases are two times more likely to be important than credit use cases.
  • 50 percent of FIs plan to make SDA debit origination available for account-to-account (A2A) transfers.

For all the latest findings, analysis and trends, please download the report by clicking the button below.

About the Report

PYMNTS, in collaboration with NACHA, examined the current use and demand for SDA. We surveyed 125 U.S.-based FIs about their current and planned SDA credit origination products for businesses and consumers. We also asked about planned SDA debit offerings. The FIs surveyed ranged in asset sizes below $500 million (68 percent of our sample) to more than $100 billion (2 percent) and spanned the FI spectrum from community FIs (65 percent) to commercial FIs (9 percent).



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