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Layoffs Continue To Eat Away At Groupon’s Restaurant Unit

Despite some recent reports that fortunes at flash-sale pioneer, come eCommerce marketplace Groupon have been turning around, belt-tightening apparently persists in the form of layoffs.

Groupon’s restaurant software company, Breadcrumb, has laid off about 25 employees, which is basically a third of its total headcount. Those cuts aren’t speculation; Groupon has officially confirmed them with BuzzFeed News. This is yet another round of job cuts, following a 20-position slash in August. Before the cuts started, Breadcrumb was the employer of 100 people; the staff has been more than halved in under a year.

And, if BuzzFeed’s sources are correct, these cuts are the middle phase of a twilighting of the service, with more cuts to come. That is different from the official corporate line. Groupon maintains that its intention is to keep its restaurant software business open and serving.

“Categorically, Breadcrumb isn’t shutting down or going out of business,” Groupon spokesperson Bill Roberts told BuzzFeed News. “For the great merchants on our platform, absolutely nothing changes.”

As for all those mounting cuts?

“None of the Breadcrumb engineering team was affected, so we expect absolutely no impact on the product or service.”


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