Pandora And Ticketfly Do The Concert Hunting Legwork With New Service


Pandora, the music streaming service, announced on Wednesday (July 27) it teamed up with Ticketfly to provide customers with concert notifications.

According to Pandora, with the service, users won’t have to proactively search for when their favorite bands are touring. Pandora will do it for them, serving up customized concert information that meshes with the user’s taste in music. When users are listening to their favorite stations, they will receive notifications whenever an artist they like has a show nearby.

“Pandora is redefining the music experience, and that includes live events,” said Tim Westergren, founder and chief executive officer of Pandora, in the press release. “There’s nothing like the magic of a live show, and there’s nothing worse than missing your favorite band because you didn’t know they were in town. Pandora and Ticketfly are solving that with personalized and effortless access to live, local events.”

With the new service, Pandora said customers will get concert recommendations based on their listening profiles, effortless show reminders when a nearby show is announced, such as a reminder to purchase tickets, and easy access to purchasing the tickets. On top of all that, Pandora users also get a regular email with a list of shows to check out. The emails will also include special offers, Pandora said. The streaming music service operator hinted that this new service is only the beginning for the two.

The collaboration on the part of Pandora and Ticketfly comes on the heels of Pandora’s $450 million acquisition of Ticketfly last year. The purchase was aimed at connecting the listeners at Pandora with live local concerts. With the new service, Ticketfly’s 1,200 clients get access to some of Pandora’s close to 80 million monthly users. When the deal between Pandora and Ticketfly was announced, it wasn’t clear how tightly the two businesses would be entwined, and the announcement sheds some light on that.