The Pokémon Cafe – So No One Has To Choose Between Eating And Catching Them All

There is probably little to be said about Pokémon that hasn’t already been said.

Or at least that is what one might think were we living in normal times, but things have of late taken a turn for the weird.

Which means there is not a week that dawns that there is not more to be said about the Pokémon craze.

Enter branding genius James Kim and his current efforts to lockdown the word “PokéStop” with a trademark and then turn it into a chain of restaurants. Apart from food, folks and fun – PokéStop would also offer a chance to get re-upped with gaming supplies and socialize with other players.

To make this work, Kim will need more than a trademark. He will need a licensing deal with Pokémon or Niantic.

Non-branded “organic” PokéStops are appearing as restaurants and bars nationwide, something bar owners are quite fond of. In fact lures have become a common part of the recent marketing efforts, because where the Pokémon go, so to goes the player. Kim said his PokéStop cafes would be chockfull of lures, because what is the point of a PokéStop chain if it isn’t also a prime place to fill up one’s Pokédex quickly?

No we will not tell you what a Pokédex is. You’ll have to follow that link.