PYMNTS Daily Data Dive: Retail's Troubled Waters Edition

Anyone keeping track of the brick-and-mortar retail reports knows that of late the news has been less than wholly inspiring. One can almost pick any big name physical commerce player out of a hat and be more or less certain to hit on one that has reported a series of genuine difficulties. Macy's, Nordstrom's, J.C. Penney, The Gap (Banana Republic and Old Navy) — if it is (or was) a shopping mall staple, the winter of its discontent has probably just finished.

Sort of. The weather outside may be less than frightful these days, but the story in stores across America is far from delightful. What are the roughest stats weighing down on retail these days?


40% | The total proportion of goods that are bought online that are eventually returned. Factoring in discounted prices and shipping costs, online sales can come at a high cost to retailers.

20% | The amount of the retail apparel sales market Amazon will control within four years, according to analysts.

20% | The total amount of Nordstrom's sales that are coming in through online/digital channels.

5% | The amount sales per square foot have dropped off in the last two decades; average store size has increased by 20% during that same time period.

3% | The total that department store sales were down on average during Q1 2015. Some stores were hit harder than others. Macy's was down a full 7%.



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