Banking Glitch Causes Uber Drivers To Go Unpaid

Technology can do wonders in payments when it works seamlessly, but when it doesn’t…

In the United Kingdom, The Guardian reported, hundreds of Uber drivers have not yet been paid last week’s wages, and they will have to wait until this week to get that back pay. The drivers affected have been hit by a glitch in the banking and payments process, which has delayed fund transfers for those drivers who are based in the Scotland and several cities outside the U.K.

The payments may not arrive until Wednesday (Nov. 16) of this week, said The Guardian, noting that the drivers had been informed of the shift via email but some drivers told the paper that meeting bills would become suddenly a bit harder, especially as their accounts had been debited for payments that would have been replaced by Uber payments. One unnamed driver was quoted as stating: “If I am unable to get payment, then I am left with half a tank of fuel, and then, I am out of work.”

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