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ProfitStars Introduces New Security Tool

Jack Henry & Associates, a provider of technology solutions and payment processing services, primarily for the financial services industry, announced Wednesday (Feb. 22) its ProfitStars unit has rolled out the Gladiator Incident Alert for breach detection and notification.

In a press release, Jack Henry & Associates said today’s threat landscape consists of complex compromises and breaches that continue to evolve in scope and frequency, and based on studies, only half of malware is detected on the first day of exposure. Long gone are the days, said the company, when it was enough for financial companies to have a strong firewall. Thanks to today’s threat environment, network traffic needs to be examined, and that is where the new product from ProfitStars comes in.

Jack Henry said Gladiator Incident Alert is a scalable way to identify deep-level threats that may go unseen through traditional protection mechanisms, such as firewall prevention and endpoint security. The security product obtains detailed information about malware behavior and alerts the financial institution of suspicious activity with detailed warnings that enable quick assessment and response. The combination of Gladiator’s threat intelligence with sandbox file testing creates an added layer of protection to recognize zero-day and advanced persistent threat, the company noted.

“In order to keep pace with the rapid digitization of consumers’ lives, enterprise records and the sophisticated threat landscape, financial institutions must implement an additional layer of defense beyond traditional malware protection. Adding Gladiator Incident Alert as part of a comprehensive risk management process helps prevent damaging security breaches by reducing the time to discovery. Together, we can work to detect increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats and strengthen defenses with a more in-depth strategy,” said Russ Bernthal, president of ProfitStars, in the news release.



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