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Apple’s iOS13 Said To Have Payment Security Issues

New Apple OS Said To Have Security Issues

Two Apple iOS 13 users took to Reddit to share some payment security issues they faced when using the tech giant’s newest iteration of its operating system, according to reports.

Apple has already announced it will release iOS 13.1 on Tuesday (Sept. 24) to fix problems concerning reliability and usability.

Two users said they were trying to update their payment information when another person’s information popped up in the information box.

Reddit user Thanamite said:

“I got my iPhone 11 Pro Max yesterday. I set everything up and it sure is a great phone. Today I decided to change my iTunes credit card. I used the take picture feature. It read my card well, but then when I saved the card, someone else’s credit card was saved! A woman’s from Illinois. I have her full name, billing address and last 4 digits of her credit card! That felt like I could steal their money any time. And they could steal mine? As proof, I took a snapshot of their info and then immediately removed the card. I don’t know what to say. It is just unbelievable.”

Another Reddit user named createdbyeric had a similar experience:

“As the title says. I went to update my payment info in iOS 13 and while doing so, it showed me info for a Discover card (no one I know even has one of these) and the woman’s full billing address. I took screenshots of everything and am going to report this to Apple ASAP, however, I just read a post here on Reddit, not sure if it was this sub or another sub related to iOS/iPhone who posted the exact same issue. They have a case number for this incident and I wanted to talk to that person about their steps and also reference the case number they posted in the comments. This is a major security flaw in iOS. Obviously I’m not going to post screenshots.”

The source of the bug isn’t known, but Apple got back to createdbyeric and said they are taking the issue very seriously.

Createdbyeric said they spent almost an hour on the phone with Apple. The issue, createdbyeric said, was escalated to higher management.

“While this is a pretty scary issue, this is why I love Apple as a company. I was worried they wouldn’t take the issue serious, but everyone I spoke too took this matter very serious,” createdbyeric said.



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