Paytronix Integrates Online Ordering for Restaurants With Square POS Platforms

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Paytronix will soon launch its guest engagement solution for restaurants and convenience stores on the Square App Marketplace.

With this integration, sellers using any Square point-of-sale (POS) platform will soon be able to add Paytronix online ordering and loyalty programs directly from the marketplace, Paytronix said in a Tuesday (May 16) press release.

“Online ordering is now a key part of the restaurant guest engagement ecosystem, and it needs to work perfectly throughout the tech stack,” Paytronix Vice President Strategic Partnerships Dan Murphy said in the release. “Brands must align all components of their digital guest engagement platform, and this integration of Paytronix with Square makes life easier for restaurants standardizing on the Square for Restaurants ecosystem.”

PYMNTS research has found that automation could alleviate labor shortages in the hospitality industry by augmenting or replacing key roles.

Restaurants can reap significant benefits from automation technology, and some are experimenting with automation for tasks including ordering, drive-thru management and food preparation, according to “Can Automation Solve Labor Shortages in the Hospitality Sector?” That report is the May edition of the “Hospitality Tracker®,” a PYMNTS and LS Retail collaboration.

With Square’s integration of Paytronix, the first-party ordering experience is the same whether on site or on a mobile device, orders are fed directly from Paytronix Online Ordering to the Square POS and Kitchen Display System to reduce errors, and menus are synched across all platforms, including the third-party ordering channel, according to the press release.

It will soon also include Paytronix Loyalty, which helps restaurants gain insights from purchases and build offers tailored to guests, the release said.

“Square’s integration with Paytronix is about keeping guests coming back, with loyalty-driven engagement right at the point of sale combined with purchase insights and tailored offers designed to increase visits and revenue,” Square Head of Restaurant Partnerships Jane Hong said in the release. “Together, Square and Paytronix offer a nimble, scalable guest engagement solution that meets the needs of a restaurant as it grows.”

Automated technology is essential for maximizing profit by expanding restaurants’ reach beyond brick-and-mortar customers, Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins told PYMNTS in an interview posted Friday (May 12).

“[Restaurants are] looking at anything they can do to help improve guest experiences, get rid of friction and also offload those experiences when they can, to save on labor,” Robbins said.